Last call for BOX TOPS!

we want your box tops

Now that we’re in the final weeks of the school year, we are making the last call for Box Tops.

The FINAL collection sheet will be sent home with students tomorrow.

Please check your pantry and  ask your neighbors and family members for extra Box Tops.  They must be returned to Central by MAY 20th so they can be submitted by the June 1st deadline.  Anything sent in after May 20th will be held until the Fall.   

Please check to make sure the Box Tops are not expired.

It’s a close race in the Classroom Competition  — so send in as many Box Tops as possible!

The winning classroom will have a celebration by the end of the year.

Thank you for helping out with our Box Top collection.  So far this year, we’ve earned nearly $700!   

box tops

Don’t forget to send in any LABELS FOR EDUCATION as well.   They are ending that program and we want to get all of the points possible before it ends for good this summer.

labels for education 2




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