Just 4 days left in the Charleston Wrap Catalog Sale! Keep on selling!


Don’t forget all orders and money for the Charleston Wrap Fall Fundraiser are due next MONDAY, September 26th. 

There are over 500 high quality items to choose from and every purchase you make earns much needed money for our school and Central students.  So do your holiday shopping early and order some unique personalized items!

Simply go to to shop.

All items purchased will ship directly to you and there is free shipping on all qualifying orders.  Or you can turn the orders in to school and the items will be delivered to students in several weeks.

Personalized items and catalog-only items must be ordered online only! 

Don’t forget to have students return their coupons for their POP-EYED MONSTER once they sell 3 or more items.  Each coupon gets them 1 monster!   Plus an entry to win “Chomper”, the stuffed monster.     

Have a question?  Contact Octavia Stefoi  at  [email protected]


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